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E Store Application


E Store Application to boost your revenue

E store at SCCI aim to help business to generate sale for their product and service. This is a hassle free system to help your business generate more revenue


1. List 5 Items in Scci Portal

2. Provide Payment Acceptance for Credit Card for your clients

3. Conduct Live Presentation for Product Demo

4. Have SCCI Recorded Video to show clients

5. Collect Reply & Feedback from Customer directly

6. Link to Your Website directly

7. Able to share link to generate customers

8. Able to have paid Free & Paid video

SCCI providing Mass email reach support to portal (100K Email Database) 

Download the template to get your product launch

Simply download and fill up the powerpoint template and email to to get your product launch.

SCCI Estore Products Sale Template (pptx)