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Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Promote Entrepreneurial Activities To Help Enterprises Succeed. Making Good Entrepreneur Better

About Us


Our Mission

Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, provides the highest standard of network services with the long-term goal of helping enterprises to succeed on a global scale


Our Activities

Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry subsidiary - Singapore Business Network organize Free Weekly Networking session, Mega Events like free Seminars Monthly, Weekly Business Pitching Session, Monthly Overseas Business Visit to Malaysia and Shanghai (China), Free Social Networking Event, and Business Workshop & training to help enterprises to remain competitive. 

On top of that, we provide extensive opportunity for members to network with overseas entity and organised overseas business trip.


Connecting Business

Singapore Chamber of Commerce subsidiary - Singapore Business Network manages a platform that brings businesses together, where they can exchange valuable business insights, aggregate their strengths and enjoy joint synergies.

Our platform span across Singapore, Malaysia and China. 

Committee Members have a chance to attend overseas business networking session in Shanghai , Kuala Lumpur every month



Weekly Business Networking

Our weekly networking sessions welcome individuals and businesses of all industries. Through these sessions, participants can network and share their product and service. 

Our Networking Events is Free of Charges. Business can present on a weekly basis to share their product or services to members


Monthly Seminar

Monthly Seminar allow Renowed speaker to share with attendee useful advise on ways to manage business and improve on company sales.

Ever month, we have 2 to 4 Guest speaker from different part of the world to share their business experiences with our members.

Our Monthly Seminar from Guest Speakers are free to attend.


Business Workshop

Business Workshop at scci + Networking aim at allowing participant to work out their individual business plan tailor to your business. Participants will hand on work out their proposal and timeline for implementation.

Everyday,  Singapore Chamber of Commerce subsidiary - Singapore Business Network conduct Free Business workshop at 10 Anson Road International Plaza #13-13

Companies are allowed to setup their roadshow for free to showcase their product and service

Equity Funding Event


Getting your Business to the right investors

 Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry provide Company's venture capital. 

For business, this is an important source of financing for new businesses in terms of reputation and funding.

Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry look forwards to helping startup firms and small businesses with perceived, long-term growth potential. 

For Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists are a vital source of financing. 

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