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Our Mission

Business Advocancy

Our Functions

Promoting Entrepreneurial Activities, giving advice and encouragement to business with long term goal of seeing Enterprises succeed on a global scale - scci, singapore chamber.  Contact Mr Zhou Wentong for more info 


Our Functions

Business Advocancy

Our Functions

We are the bridge between business community 

We building bilateral, regional and multi-lateral relationships between business.  Contact Mr Zhou Wentong for more info 

We are a  provider of capability-building initiatives and services for  businesses


Business Advocancy

Business Advocancy

Business Advocancy

Internationally, Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry bring the business community on the global stage through participation in prominent international business networking activities. 

Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry subsidiary -Singapore Business Network

Singapore Business Network is a leading Business Networking  Organisation. We promote the business growth through linking enterprise with investment community in Southeast Asia through educational conferences, workshops, research, networking with  groups worldwide, contributing to improving the environment and corporate governance system for investing, and facilitating the matching of early stage companies with investors.

Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Corporate Video

To know more about the activities that we conducted, check out our corporate video

Singapore Business Network - Video For Entrepreneur

To better understand as an entrepreneur how our platform can assist your business, please take a look at our video

Our Activities & Platform

To better understand our activities and platform, please click on this video link. Contact Mr Zhou Wentong for more info